Enjoy, it’s from Europe!

Due to the favorable climate, the temperate lands and the skills of its farmers, Europe represents one of the major agricultural producers worldwide.

A huge range of fine food is produced within the European Union, which reflects our great gastronomic traditions. Aiming to provide safe and high quality food, Europe has created over the years a common market with safe products for the consumers benefit.

Looking into the future, the European Union, the producers and the processing industry set new priorities to meet the challenges of the present times: sustainable food production with high nutritional value, with as little energy traces and environmental impact as possible.

The PAN-DORA program is a coordinated effort of organizations from three European countries: Greece, Cyprus and Romania.

In these countries, the agricultural production remains the main and the most important activity and each manufacturer produces products with respect for tradition and environment.

In the same way, the producers of processed fruit and
vegetables, while following the same principles and standards,
 process and sell worldwide their products.

The program aims to bring this unique relationship between
agricultural products and food production, its long tradition,
diversity and richness in the production of safe food,
affordable and beneficial for everyone.