Peach Compote: natural and fresh!

Generally we can say that if a fresh fruit is considered healthy and nourishing, the same will apply to the canned form. The heat treatment - canning causes only few losses in nutrients, which are similar to those caused by cooking.

An important advantage of the canned fruit is the fact that once these are canned, they retain their nutrients up to three years.

If to the above, one adds the availability throughout the year, assuming that canned fruit is microbiologically safe due to sterilization, vacuum packaging and the absence of any preservative, we understand that this is a high quality and safe product.

The peach is one of the fruits with very high water content (about 89%), rich in fiber, low-calorie contents and source of carbohydrates, protein, vitamin C and vitamin A.

The peach compote is nutritionally equivalent to fresh, whereas regarding the
vitamins C and A which it contains, the nutritional efficiency
increases due to canning.

Greece is a leading peach producer in the world and
the largest producer of peach compote in the European
Union. One of three peach compotes on the world
market is made from peaches grown and raised
in Greece!

We know each peach compote product from what tree
has come and every stage of production is checked for
quality and safety, according to the highest European
and international standards in order to have at your
disposal a unique product.

Enjoy a peach compote all hours
and moments!