It is the only professional organization in Romania which brings together all the companies of the processed fruit and vegetable industry.

ROMCONSERV aims to increase the degree of competitiveness of the products produced by its members, the effectiveness of industrial activities, the promotion of traditional products and to launch new products.

It draws up strategies and emergency measures for the improvement of production capacity, the modernization of secondary activities and for the renewal of production technologies in line with the EU standards, allowing the production of quality and safe food.

ROMCONSERV, with the actions and partnerships at European level, has contributed to the internationalization of the industry and to the opening up of important markets abroad.


PANAGROTIKOS Association of Cyprus

The Panagrotikos Association of Cyprus is the largest agricultural organization where almost all agricultural production of the country is represented.

It has been founded on October 15, 1989 and now is the largest agricultural organization in the island with its members to be directly producers of primary agricultural sector.

Basic philosophy is to support farmers at the basis of social market economy, promoting such policies at all levels.

The Panagrotikos Association is based in Nicosia and offices in Famagusta, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos and it is actively involved in the formulation and implementation of agricultural policy of Cyprus.

It is a full member of international and European organizations such as Copa Cogeca and W.F.O. and has implemented and implements important programs concerning the promotion of agricultural products, research programs to improve agricultural production and national actions for the benefit of farmers and members of farmers.



The DELKOF SA acts as Network of Greek fruit canneries, having as main activity the presentation and promotion of Greek industry in Europe and worldwide.

It brings together the largest plants of canned fruit and juices that possess a leading position in the global market while focusing on canned peaches and thus producing a turnover exceeding 500 million euros.

Based in Naoussa, county of Imathia in Central Macedonia, the members of DELKOF SA work daily to maintain high quality and safety of their products for the benefit of thousands of farmers - fruit producers in Greece.

DELKOF SA has implemented and is implementing a series of promotion and information actions, research programs and initiatives undertaken at national, European and international level while the main objective remain always the same: the processed products maintain the same freshness and value with the fresh ones.